In this opinion piece Loraine Kennedy and Glen Robbins argue that megaprojects examined in the Chance2Sustain project are not "simply a project of globally mobilised neo-liberal agendas, as is sometimes implied in the literature, but more often [...] a point of interaction between the global and the local." 


Read more about megaprojects and the links between local and global scales

As part of this final series of thematic reports, our Chance2Sustain research team presents results of four years of research and fieldwork.


In this report, Einar Braaten and his team argue that the main ‘policy’ problem related to urban inequality and substandard settlements is the significant gap between the principles of the policies (which may be propoor and progressive) and their implementation (which may turn against the urban poor’s interests). Read more

Chance2Sustain is a research project examining how governments and citizens in Indian, South African, Peruvian and Brazilian cities with differing patterns of urban economic growth make use of participatory (or integrated) spatial knowledge management to direct urban governance towards more sustainable development. Read more

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Chance2Sustain compara 10 ciudades de diferente tamaño y tipo de economía en cuatro países (India, Sudáfrica, Brasil y Perú), todos ellos lideran ciertos aspectos del desarrollo urbano sostenible.  


Las ciudades están localizadas en países que tenían tasas de crecimiento económico de moderado a alto  antes de la crisis mundial, y la mayoría de las ciudades tuvieron en la década anterior tasas de  crecimiento urbano de moderado a alto. 

Publications by Chance2Sustain Team Members

Publications on urbanisation (by EADI members)