Chance2Sustain Newsletter - April 2011

New Publications


Policy Brief No 1

Addressing Sub-Standard Settlements

By Einar Braathen


Literature Review No 1

Developing Participatory ‘Spatial’ Knowledge Models in Metropolitan Governance Networks for Sustainable Development

By Isa Baud, Karin Pfeffer, John Sydenstricker, Dianne Scott


Literature Review No 2

Analysing Policies and Politics to Address Urban Inequality: CSO Networks and Campaigns on Sub-Standard Settlements in Metropolitan Areas

By Catherine Sutherland, Einar Braathen, Véronique Dupont, David Jordhus-Lier, Liliana Miranda, Rommy Torres


Literature Review No 3

The Politics of Large-Scale Economic and Infrastructure Projects in Fast-Growing Cities of the South

By Loraine Kennedy, Glen Robbins, Dianne Scott, Cathy Sutherland, Eric Denis, Julia Andrade, Liliana Miranda, Aurélie Varrel, Véronique Dupont, Bérénice Bon



Read the interview of Adrian Gurza Lavalle (CEBRAP - The Brazilian Centre for Analysis and Planning) of the Chance2Sustain project with the Brazilian Bureau for Enhancing the International Cooperation with the European Union (B.Bice) on “Developing specific hierarchies is needed for the development of opportunities” 



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